5 Types of Foods to Avoid This Summer for Your Dental Health

5 Types of Foods to Avoid This Summer for Your Dental Health

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There is a sense of freedom surrounding summer for many reasons. Students don’t have to worry about school, there are celebrations all over the country, and people everywhere are looking for ways to relax and enjoy life. For these reasons, the oral health of many adults and children plummets during the summer months. To keep your teeth healthy for your next visit to the periodontist in Houston, TX, avoid these five types of foods this summer.

1. Ice
It’s hot outside and you just want to cool down. Many people turn to ice to cool their drinks. This creates even more temptation to chew the ice. Because the surface of ice is hard, this can cause damage to the enamel of your teeth, as well as cause damage to any previous dental work you have had completed. Whether you have pagophagia (a craving for chewing ice) or just like to down the cubes with your beverage, avoid biting the ice.

2. Citrus
Citrus foods are loaded with acid, which deteriorates tooth enamel over time. Cut back on the oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. Water is always a great alternative.

3. Anything Sticky
Gummy bears, dried fruit, and other sticky foods often end up adhering to your teeth longer than other types of foods. The longer they remain on your teeth, the more damage they cause. The good news is that washing out your mouth with water and maintaining routine flossing habits, should assist in loosening those sticky foods.

4. Additional Sugar
Coffee, tea, sports drinks, and sodas are all potential culprits for added sugar. While tea can often be a healthy choice, there are not many reasons to consume the other drinks, as they provide very little value for nutrition and oral health. Sports drinks should only be consumed in moderation by athletes participating in athletic events of extreme exertion, for prolonged periods of time, and even then, water is often a better choice. If you partake in drinking coffee and tea, avoid adding sugar.

5. Starch
Crunchy and starchy foods, such as potato chips, are prime causes of plaque buildup on your teeth. If you must consume these types of foods, ensure you brush and floss properly to remove any amount of residual starch in your mouth.

To learn more about which foods to avoid and which to eat, schedule a visit with periodontist J. Robert Friedberg, D.M.D in Houston, TX by calling (281) 674-7754.

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