Dental implants have been used throughout history, as early as Ancient China and Ancient Egypt. While they have seen many improvements in the past few decades, their technology, design and goal has remained somewhat constant. This longevity is just one of many reasons that indicate that dental implants are still one of the most beneficial treatments for tooth replacement today. If you remain unconvinced, consider these four key benefits of choosing dental implants to replace your missing teeth.

1. Implants Can Save You Money

While the overall costs associated with placing dental implants are greater for implants than for other tooth replacement options, the reality is that dental implants may actually be less expensive in the long run. Dental implants can last a lifetime without needing to be replaced. Other options like bridges and dentures will require replacement at least every ten years. The cost of these replacements can even out or exceed the cost of dental implants.

2. A Worry-free Solution

Dental implants are one of the few tooth replacement options that can be truly worry-free. A periodontist knows that because they are a permanent fixture in the mouth, they do not slip or make embarrassing noises when you eat or talk. You also do not have to worry about restricting your diet to keep your oral appliance from moving or breaking because implants are so strong they can handle any load your natural teeth could safely support.

3. No Cavities

While you will still need to brush and floss to maintain proper oral health, your dental implants are impervious to cavities. This means you have a few less teeth to worry about for as long as your implants are in place and healthy.

4. Protect Your Jaw

When teeth are missing, the jaw is no longer stimulated to keep that area of the bone dense and strong. This results in bone loss in the affected areas, which can lead to deformations of the jaw and face. Dental implants stop this process so you are able to retain your face shape and keep looking like you.

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Dental implants are a long-lasting choice that could be very beneficial. If you are interested in learning more about tooth replacement in Houston, TX, contact Dr. Friedberg’s office to schedule a consultation.