When you think about the major health concerns prevalent in the world today, gum disease likely does not come to mind. Yet given its prevalence in the American adult population, it should. It is estimated that 47.2 million of your contemporaries have some form of gum disease. Among the many dental issues that gum disease can cause is gum recession, which can leave the root of your tooth exposed and more susceptible to infection and/or decay. However, if detected and treated early enough, you can easily avoid some of the issues related to this condition. 

Spotting the Signs of Gum Recession
There is not much to misinterpret about gum recession. Its manifestation occurs just as its name implies: the receding of your gum line. You, however, may not be so quick to notice it unless you are really looking for it. Most do not focus on getting an up-close view of their gum lines every day, so it may difficult to spot. Thus, you may be left to rely on certain signs that could indicate its presence. One of the more common symptoms is sensitive teeth. 

Because gum recession can leave the root of your tooth completely exposed, the potential for developing problems within your teeth and gums is much higher. These problems can lead to increased tooth sensitivity when eating or drinking, causing you unnecessary pain. Such pain should prompt a visit to your periodontist. 

Treating Gum Recession through PST™
What can periodontists like Dr. Friedberg do to combat gum recession? Surgical interventions such as the Pinhole® Surgical Technique have proven to be greatly effective at restoring your original gum line. 

The procedure works as follows: 
• Tiny holes are made in your gums using a specialized instrument. 
• With the holes made, your gums are malleable, allowing them to be stretched down to the area of your original gum line. 
• Tiny strips of collagen are inserted into the holes to help adhere your gums in place and assist with the healing process. 

If you happen to count yourself among the countless others suffering from gum recession in Houston, TX, not to worry; Dr. Friedberg is here to help. Whether that help comes through PST™ or some other treatment option, the ultimate goal is to get you back to enjoying good dental health once again. To discuss whether or not you may be a candidate for PST™, call us at 866.905.8523 to schedule a consultation.