Dental implants are a common way to replace missing or damage teeth. These implants can replace either individual teeth or entire sections of your smile. However, like many things, implants can fail and if you have one, then you need to know the signs of implant failure. If you have experienced one or more of these symptoms, then you may need to go in for a check-up to determine the state of your implant.


Pain or Discomfort


It is expected to feel some slight discomfort shortly after a new implant is installed, but if you are feeling discomfort weeks or even months later, this could be a problem. There can also be a problem if you have had an implant for a long time and have a sudden onset of pain. This could be due to some recent injury and should be looked at immediately.


Gum Shrinkage or Inflammation


An implant goes deep into your jaw and gum, but if your gum has receded enough to show the metal implant underneath, this is a bad sign. Your gums can also clue you in to some problems if they are inflamed or swollen. Make a habit of checking your gums around an implant so you catch these signs early.




Your implant should never feel loose, so if you are able to wobble the implant even a tiny bit, you need to have that looked at as soon as possible. A loose implant is one that can fall out and you can lose any of the benefits your implant gave you.


An implant helps your smile and your mouth in many ways, so it is in your best interest to take care of it and watch for signs of trouble. If you have questions about your implant or have noticed any of these signs, call our office today and schedule an appointment.