‘Tis the season! With all of the holiday card photo-taking, baking, wrapping, shopping, and general flurry of the season, how can you keep your smile healthy? It might not be your first priority this year, but our team at Dr. J. Robert Friedberg’s office is here to give you a few simple tips on how to prevent cavities while indulging in the sweet treats of the season.

1. Moderation is Key

Savor those yummy cookies and cakes but be sure to balance them out with a healthy diet. Eating healthy foods throughout the day will save you from over-indulging later. During party-time eat slowly to savor the flavor and choose a healthier snack for seconds.

2. Beware of the Hidden Sugar

Candies and cakes are not the only cavity culprits. There is sugar in many baked goods, sauces, cider, eggnog, and other seasonal beverages from your favorite local coffee-shop. Try to find tasty sugar-free alternatives.

3. Swish with Water

Sugar + time = tooth decay. Even if you cannot brush your teeth after eating or drinking, swishing your mouth out with water helps to wash away the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

4. Have a Daily Routine

Brush those pearly whites at least twice a day for two minutes. Routine brushing along with flossing will keep your teeth merry and bright all year round.

5. Don’t Forget the Dentist

We know it can be a busy season, full of obligations to your time and money but do not forget the dentist! Be sure to keep your regularly scheduled maintenance cleaning to keep gum disease at bay and to help prevent cavities.

Do not hide your smile for another holiday card! If you are suffering from gum disease in Houston, TX come see Dr. Friedberg. Call us today to schedule your appointment or with any questions. We look forward to speaking with you!