Are you concerned about bone loss after losing one or more teeth? Dr. J. Robert Friedberg is a leading periodontist treating missing teeth and bone loss in Houston, TX, and he has some helpful information for you.

You Are Missing More Than Teeth

When you lose teeth, you do not just lose part of your smile - you also lose some of your facial bone structure. The roots of your teeth are like shock absorbers in your jaw. When you eat, they absorb the shock of chewing and encourage tissue in the jaw to regenerate. When teeth are missing from the lineup, there is less encouragement for tissue to grow and the jawbone starts to deteriorate.

Dentures and bridgework have been the standard tooth replacement solutions for years. While they can partially restore function by enabling you to eat and speak more easily, they do not address the issue of bone loss.

Dental Implants: A Bone Loss Solution

Fortunately, there is now a tooth restoration option that eliminates the problem of bone loss. Dental implants are embedded directly into the gums using titanium screws. Titanium is compatible with human tissue, so as the mouth heals from the surgery, the screw blends in with the rest of the jaw. It mimics the function of your missing tooth root, stimulating the surrounding area and encouraging the growth of more tissue.

Crowns and abutments are affixed to the screws, and you are left with teeth that are fixed in your mouth and look as good as new. Because implants are so sturdy and improve facial structure, they are an excellent long-term solution for tooth loss. In fact, many patients never need to have their implants replaced.

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If you need tooth replacement but do not want to risk bone loss, then dental implants may be the ideal solution for you. Please call Dr. Friedberg’s office to set up an evaluation appointment.