Much has been made of the benefits offered by laser gum surgery that you may be led to believe that such treatment presents no risk of pain or discomfort at all. However, it should be remembered that these are still surgical procedures, and just like any procedure, they involve multiple steps. Often, it is these required steps that cause much of the pain and irritation that can come with gum treatment, not the laser-assisted procedure itself. However, having seemingly overcome so many of the challenges inherent with gum surgery through laser treatment, researchers are now focusing their efforts on improving the outcomes of these preparatory procedures.

Discomfort from Gum Manipulation

An example of a procedure done leading up to laser gum surgery is the folding back of your gums in order to locate pockets of disease and bacteria. While laser-assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP®) therapy is able to specifically target unhealthy gum tissue, providers like Dr. Friedberg first need to know where the affected tissue exists, hence the need to view beneath your gum line. Manipulating your gums may not sound so bad, yet when you are experiencing it in the dentist’s chair, it can cause discomfort. In addition, it increases the risks of experiencing issues such as

  • Intraoperative bleeding
  • Post-operative pain
  • Trauma to healthy gum tissue

Virtually Hands-Free Gum Treatment

Enter the Perioscope. This advanced technology allows Dr. Friedberg to view your treatment area in real-time without having to manipulate your gums at all. Instead, a small camera is used to view the area beneath your gum line, displaying pockets of disease that can be easily located and treated with the LANAP® laser. The use of this equipment actually makes receiving effective gum treatment possible without your provider having to touch your teeth and gums at all. 

Technology has already had such a huge impact on major dental procedures. It only makes sense, then, that it would also be employed to improve seemingly simple tasks such as taking pictures. When you allow Dr. Friedberg to examine your treatment area with the Perioscope prior to laser gum treatment, you all but assure yourself an almost pain-free experience. To learn more about this and the other technologies we’ve incorporated into our practice, give us a call in our Houston, TX office to schedule a consultation today.