Gum Disease Treatment is an Investment, Not a Chore

Gum Disease Treatment is an Investment, Not a Chore

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Too often, we think of going to dental providers like periodontists as something that takes away from our time spent doing something else.  Yet nothing could be farther from the truth. Regularly visiting your periodontist is a serious investment to your overall health, especially if you have gum disease in Houston, TX.

How Gum Disease Hurts and How Periodontists Help
Gum disease is caused by a buildup of bacteria between the teeth and gums. While in its initial stage of development, gingivitis, it tends to leave a calling card, like:
· Bleeding gums
· Swollen gums
· Bad breath
· Red gums
· Gum and tooth sensitivity

Without immediate intervention, gum disease quickly progresses to the next stages, ultimately ending in gum recession, tooth decay, diseased gum tissues, bone loss and tooth loss.
Because gum disease causes significant inflammation and bleeding gums, it puts a strain on the body’s other systems. No wonder cancer, heart disease and stroke have all been associated with gum disease: It’s difficult for the body to fight off problems if it’s dealing with the ravages of gum disease.

Periodontists routinely help patients cure or manage their gum disease in Houston, TX, and across the globe. They utilize leading edge equipment and techniques to deep clean the periodontal pockets, removing decayed gum tissue when needed. At our facility, we often perform laser gum therapy using the LANAP® protocol. It’s convenient, comfortable, safe and effective.

Instead of looking at dental care as optional, begin to see it as a long-term investment in your health. With proper routine maintenance on your part, as well as specialized care from a periodontist, you can gain all the advantages that come with having a mouth you feel good about. Your confidence will get a boost, and so will your body.

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