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How the Perioscope Improves Reliability and Outcomes

At J. Robert Friedberg, D.M.D., we regularly adopt the most modern techniques and equipment to provide you with high quality care. One of the machines we consistently rely upon is the perioscope. The perioscope is an incredibly small camera that can see and transmit images of the spaces deep between the teeth and gums. Because the perioscope is so compact, there is no need to fold back or cut the gums in order to get a precise view of the periodontal pockets and other non-visible areas. This means:


  • No trauma to the site.
  • No bleeding at the site.
  • No patient discomfort. (A numbing gel and local anesthetic may be used.)

We can see the perioscope images in real-time on the equipment attached to the camera, giving us tremendous insight into how best to proceed. From there, we are able to make a plan based on your dental goals, such as moving forward with laser gum therapy. Call us today for your next appointment with a Houston periodontist.

Better LANAP® Protocol Results With the Perioscope

The LANAP® protocol, which uses the PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser, is an alternative to traditional gum surgery. To enhance the LANAP® treatment, we turn to the perioscope. The perioscope allows us to see deep within the periodontal pockets without necessitating prior cutting of the gum tissues. From that point, we can use high-tech tools like the PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser to safely and dependably remove any calculus and sanitize the pockets in an effort to promote regeneration and reattachment of gum tissues to the teeth and bone.

The LANAP® protocol is the gold standard in laser gum therapy, and its outcomes are more precise when the perioscope is used. If you have gum disease and want an alternative to traditional gum surgery, consider the benefits of laser gum therapy enhanced by the perioscope. Make us your Houston periodontist today!

Restore Vitality and Restore Failing Dental Implants With Perioscope Assistance

Do you have dental implants? Dental implants are an excellent choice for many individuals who are missing one or multiple. Upon occasion, complications can occur due to a wide variety of issues related to the dental implants. In those situations, the perioscope helps us see what is happening so we can work with you to solve the problem. Without the perioscope, it would likely be necessary for Dr. Friedberg to cut the gums in order to complete his diagnosis.

If you are experiencing pain, achiness, redness, swelling or pus in the area of your dental implants, please call us as soon as you can. You may have peri-implantitis. We can work on restoration of failing implants using minimally-invasive procedures like the LAPIP® protocol complemented by the perioscope.

The Perioscope Is Just One of Many Patient Advantages

The perioscope is just one of the advantages of becoming a patient at J. Robert Friedberg, D.M.D., your premiere Houston periodontist. Yet it is fast becoming one of the most integral for our team members. From enhancement of routine scaling and root planing treatments, to precise diagnostic assistance during the LANAP® or LAPIP® protocols, the perioscope is an invaluable resource that will transform the way you experience dental care.

Call your Houston periodontist for advanced procedures using high-tech, world-class equipment like the perioscope.

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