Say Goodbye to Gum Surgery With LANAP®

Say Goodbye to Gum Surgery With LANAP®

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Although gum disease is the leading cause of tooth decay and loss in adults, many patients neglect to receive treatment because of fear of having to undergo periodontal surgery and invasive dental treatment techniques. Due to a lack of treatment, most gum disease sufferers ultimately go on to experience tooth and bone loss and a drastic change in their appearance, which negatively impacts their self-esteem. To promote more awareness about periodontal disease, Dr. J. Robert Friedberg wants to inform his patients about a cost and time-effective alternative to laser surgery for gums.

What You Should Know About LANAP® in Houston Texas
LANAP® (Laser Assisted New Attachment Protocol) is used to treat gum disease by burning away unhealthy gum tissue with a special dental laser. The laser is then used to regenerate healthy gum tissue growth to counteract the effects of gum disease. Patients that receive this treatment can successfully overcome their dental infection. Some patients that have had severe cases of gum disease can then choose to undergo other dental procedures to improve the cosmetic and physical appearance of their smile.

How the Procedure Works
First, an anesthetic is administered to keep the patient comfortable. Then Dr. Friedberg uses a special instrument to gently probe each dental pocket. After checking each pocket, Dr. Friedberg uses a special laser to remove diseased gum tissue while cauterizing the treated areas. After treatment, patients are advised to follow a certain diet and care regimen to promote healing and recovery, in order to prevent gum disease from coming back. Further dental observation and treatment may be required depending on the patient’s overall oral health.

Thanks to the LANAP® procedure, gum disease patients no longer have to put their dental health at risk because of a dental phobia. LANAP® offers less pain, invasion and time consumption than regular periodontal surgery. Stop letting your fear of surgery keep you from enjoying a gum disease-free life. Contact Dr. Friedberg today at (281) 674-7754 for a LANAP® consultation.

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