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Single Missing Tooth

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Do you have a single missing tooth? Replace your lost tooth with dental implants in houston, TX

If you’ve lost a tooth in an accident or from an untreated cavity or gum disease, dental implants from Dr. Friedberg are a great replacement option. Other treatments for a single-tooth replacement include removable partial dentures and fixed partial dentures.

Here's the difference between dental implants and dentures

• Removable partial dentures. A partial denture is made by attaching a number of artificial teeth to a malleable, natural gum-colored base that’s held together with metal supports. Patients secure the partial to their gum line using metal clasps. Partial dentures can be a nuisance to some patients who find the bulk and metal uncomfortable. 

Partial dentures also have a short life span and tend to fail, as much as 30 percent, after five to seven years. 
• Fixed partial denture/Three Unit Bridge. A fixed partial denture/bridge sits between two natural teeth called abutments. Abutments have to be grinded down to make room for the bridge, which make the existing teeth weaker. Bridges also put stress and wear on jaw bones and can cause tooth decay. Fixed partial dentures also have a short life span – about five to seven years – and need replacing more than once during a lifetime.

• Dental implants in Houston, TX are today’s preferred choice among Dr. Friedberg’s patients who need a single tooth replacement. Unlike dentures, they fit and act just like the rest of your teeth. The titanium implant works like a strong, healthy tooth root, seamlessly melding with the bone and tissue (called osseointegration) to stimulate bone like just your other teeth – dentures don’t. Plus patients will never have to worry about eating and speaking, they can enjoy everyday activities as if they had their natural teeth. 

Taking care of dental implants

Dental implants in Houston, TX is easy to take care of. Just treat it the same way you would the rest of your teeth – with regular flossing, brushing and dental checkups. They last forever if you take good care of them, although the visible part, the crown, may need replacing after several years.

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