Wisdom Teeth Issues

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With age comes wisdom, but wisdom teeth may not be what you are looking for or looking to experience. Wisdom teeth can crowd other teeth causing significant pain. Dentists often recommend removing them because although they are invisible and may not cause problems when you are young, they can get worse as time goes on.
Four Reasons to Remove Them
If you are wondering why you should consider a tooth extraction in Houston, TX for your wisdom teeth, we have four problems they can cause if left untouched.
· Impacted wisdom teeth will push against your second molars and can damage your healthy teeth.
· If the teeth are not removed, bacteria can easily enter the bloodstream near the infected tooth, which can lead to problems with your heart and other organs.
· Occasionally, a small tumor or fluid-filled cyst may form around a wisdom tooth and affect the nearby teeth, the jawbone, and the nerves in the area.
· Because you can’t reach your wisdom teeth with a toothbrush, they often decay or become infected.
If it appears that your wisdom teeth are starting to cause problems, Dr. Friedberg may recommend that you have them removed. Some people have sufficient room in their jaw to allow the wisdom teeth to erupt without moving the other teeth. Even in these situations, a professional should check them to make sure there are no changes to your bite and they are functional.
In most cases, it is easier to remove the teeth when you are younger rather than older. This is because the bone isn’t quite as dense and because the roots have not completely developed, decreasing the risk of damaging the teeth, bone, and nerves around them during removal.
Schedule a Consultation
If you think it’s time to check your wisdom teeth in Houston, TX and have them removed, call Dr. Friedberg at or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Friedberg today. He will help you choose the best treatment route for your specific situation rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to dental care.

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