4 Ways Cone Beam Technology Benefits Dental Implants

dental implant technology

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There is a lot of preparation that goes into installing dental implants in Houston, TX. Some patients become nervous about excessive exposure to radiation from X-rays, which is common in periodontal procedures. If you suffer from missing teeth and are considering implants, Cone Beam Imaging can be of assistance to you. This technology helps to diagnose ailments, develop treatment plans, minimize pain, and accelerate healing of implant surgery and other procedures.

1. Diagnose
Cone Beam Imaging produces a crisp 3D image, which allows your periodontist to view the condition of your mouth and identify any potential problem areas. It provides a quick assessment of your specific dental needs, while exposing you to less radiation than average dental radiographic x-rays.

2. Develop a Plan for Treatment
When considering implant surgery, it’s important to install the implants precisely. Cone Beam technology allows your periodontist to accurately pinpoint the location of your implant placement. This diminishes the margin of error. By establishing a clear plan for your procedure, it allows for an expedited time frame for the implant surgery to be completed and a higher chance of success.

3. Minimize Pain
The images produced clearly display your teeth, but also provide your periodontist accurate information about the location of your nerve endings. This creates precise accuracy and care to avoid these nerves and minimize the pain experienced during and after a procedure.

4. Accelerate Healing
Because the image is a distinguished map of your teeth, bones, and nerve endings, this allows your periodontist to perform implant installation with greater accuracy, assisting in faster recovery times.

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There is no longer the concern of dental health care professionals misinterpreting placement for implants. Cone Beam Imaging allows your periodontist to accurately assess your needs, creating a customized plan for your dental implants. This ultimately means less pain and faster healing from oral procedures. To learn more about Cone Beam technology and receive a dental implant consultation, contact J. Robert Friedberg, D.M.D., by calling (281) 674-7754.

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