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Gum Recession

"My pinhole surgery solved my tooth sensitivity and gave me a beautiful smile!"

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Minimally Invasive treatment for receding gums in Houston, TX

Many individuals incorrectly assume that their gum recession is too advanced to be reversed or stopped. However, Dr. Robert Friedberg has the expertise to treat patients with all stages of receding gums in Houston, TX.

Using proven methods like the Pinhole Surgical Technique™, Dr. Friedberg can restore your dental health and beautiful smile. There is no need for gum disease to have a negative effect on your life any longer.

How does gum recession happen?

Your gums can recede for a wide variety of reasons, including those that are listed here:

The good news is that all these reasons can be addressed and resolved, leaving you with stronger teeth and gums.

"Embarrassed By Gum Disease? We Have A Less Invasive Option To Treat Your Gum Recession."

Warning Signs of Gum Disease

If gum recession is not treated, a number of problems can occur. The gums will continue to recede, exposing tooth roots and potentially bone. Over time, root exposure can lead to tooth loosening and tooth loss. In addition, gum recession can detract from the aesthetic appeal of your smile as more of the teeth’s surfaces are exposed, resulting in a “gummy” appearance. Many people who have gum recession try to avoid smiling because they become self-conscious due to their dental issues.

Stop receding gums today!

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