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LANAP® laser treatment in Houston, TX

If you or your loved ones need gum disease treatment, consider Dr. Friedberg for LANAP® laser gum treatment – the safe, gentle gum disease treatment. Gum disease affects nearly everyone to some degree, so don’t feel embarrassed. But do get it treated. LANAP® laser gum disease treatment will help you keep your existing teeth and may even reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular disease, cancer, low-birth rates and other health issues associated with gum disease. Up until now, it was easy to see why so many people avoided gum disease treatment. Traditional gum disease treatment can be a pretty uncomfortable and daunting experience. Here’s what typically happens: The gums are sliced and scraped, destroying healthy gum tissue along with the bad. The gums bleed, sometimes profusely, and require stitches and bandages to heal. Recovery can be long and painful – pain medication is often necessary. Eating is difficult – only soft foods allowed until gums are healed. But not with LANAP®!

Minimally invasive laser surgery is done more comfortably than traditional dental surgery.


Try LANAP® laser treatment instead

Dr. Friedberg performs gum disease treatment differently – with the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) – the only FDA-cleared laser treatment available for gum disease treatment.

LANAP® is an exceedingly effective, long-term gum disease treatment supported by scientific research and human histological studies. Completely trained and certified to perform LANAP® laser treatment, Dr. Friedberg uses the PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser. This first-rate dental laser is also FDA-cleared when used during LANAP® and delivers impressive, lasting results that traditional gum disease treatment can’t.

Because the LANAP® PerioLase® MVP-7™ is so precise, it knows only to search out and destroy the harmful bacteria lurking inside gum pockets while leaving nearby healthy gum tissue alone. The tissue that’s left behind reattaches to the surface roots of your teeth to protect and support them. LANAP® even grows new bone around existing teeth, a remarkable innovation in gum disease treatment and a big plus for patients who are at risk of losing teeth.

"Is It Too Late To Save Your Teeth? LANAP Could Save Your Smile"

Overall Benefits of LANAP® laser treatment:

No cutting, no bandages, and usually no pain medication.

With LANAP® you can keep your own teeth.

The LANAP®PerioLase® MVP-7™ immediately identifies and destroys bacteria that cause 90 percent of inflammation and bleeding.

With LANAP® you can enjoy normal activities in one day or less.

No loss of healthy tissue with LANAP®.

Patients who practice good oral health enjoy permanent results with LANAP®laser gum disease treatment.

Decreased tooth sensitivity with the LANAP® laser gum treatment.

LANAP® is the only gum disease treatment scientifically proven to regenerate bone around the teeth

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