7 Facts about Treating Gum Disease with LANAP®

7 Facts about Treating Gum Disease with LANAP®

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Dr. J. Robert Friedberg employs state-of-the-art technologies for identifying and treating gum disease. If you suffer from periodontal disease, any open wound within the mouth can allow bacteria to directly access your bloodstream and circulate throughout your body, potentially relocating to other areas, including major organs and systems. The result could be loss of teeth and a variety of health related issues. The innovation of dental technology now offers new, safe, gentle gum disease treatment which is minimally invasive, allowing for faster recovery.

LANAP® Laser Gum Disease Treatment
LANAP® is a remarkably efficient, long-term gum disease treatment, backed by scientific research and human studies. Dr. Friedberg is thoroughly certified and trained to perform LANAP® laser gum surgery. The PerioLase® laser is a first-rate, FDA-cleared dental laser, that when used in conjunction with LANAP®, delivers impressive, long-lasting results. Here are the top seven benefits regarding the LANAP® procedure for gum disease treatment.

  1. Little to no pain
  2. Minimal or no bleeding
  3. Expedited recovery time
  4. Gum line remains intact
  5. Decreased tooth sensitivity
  6. Long-term, proven results
  7. Regenerates bone growth surrounding teeth

LANAP® offers many other advantages for treating gum disease, such as being a viable option for patients with health conditions and those taking certain medications.

Preventing Gum Disease from Reoccurring
Dr. Friedberg is able to eliminate up to 99 percent of the disease that causes bacteria with LANAP®. Routine, oral health maintenance appointments can help eliminate the need for future periodontal disease treatment. Because bacteria can excessively accumulate to the point of bone deterioration within just three months, meticulous home care and regular appointments are critical to preventing gum disease from reoccurring.

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If left untreated, gum disease can render your immune system weakened, unable to conquer the bacteria on its own. This can be detrimental to other factors of your overall health, leading to serious medical problems, such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Contact Dr. Friedberg and his staff of professionals today at (281) 674-7754, to schedule your no-obligation consultation and discuss gum disease treatment options.

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