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The LANAP® Procedure

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LANAP® Laser Gum Surgery
LANAP® (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)

LANAP® laser gum surgery is becoming the desired way to achieve better gum health. Just one visit for laser gum surgery withDr. Friedberg takes about two hours with some local anesthetic. And like most patients who have laser gum surgery, you can resume normal activity in a day or less. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Friedberg to see why LANAP® is the best alternative to traditional gum disease treatment. 

LANAP® Laser Gum Surgery in six steps:

1. Evaluating your gum pockets. The first step in your laser gum surgery is finding out how deep your gum pockets are. Dr. Friedberg uses a special probe to measure their depth so he can determine how much connective tissue has detached from the teeth roots. 

2. Targeting unhealthy tissue and bacteria. Dr. Friedberg sends extremely precise, pain-free pulses of laser light into the gum pockets to wipe out harmful bacteria while bypassing healthy gum tissue, which later reconnects to your root surfaces to support your teeth. 

3. Eliminating calculus/tarter. The laser is used to break up the calculus that has accumulated under your gum line and then it’s swept away with little ultrasonic scalers. 

4. Creating curative clots. At this point during your laser gum surgery, Dr. Friedberg takes the laser and manipulates your teeth roots, bone and soft tissue until some blood begins to thicken into little clots. These work like a defensive shield around your teeth and provide an ideal environment for healing. 

5. Compressing the gum tissue. Patients especially appreciate LANAP® gum disease treatment because they leave without a single stitch in their mouth. Dr. Friedberg just presses your gum tissue to the root surfaces and your body takes over and heals on its own. 

6. Correcting the bite. This is the final step in your laser gum surgery. Dr. Friedberg adjusts your bite so that your teeth stay safe and comfortable after your gum disease treatment. This is especially important for patients who have bone loss around their teeth.

Now you can go home and enjoy the lasting benefits of your LANAP® laser gum surgery. Gum disease treatment has never been gentler or more convenient.

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