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Laser Gum surgery LANAP® Vs. Traditional Gum Surgery

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Laser Gum surgery LANAP® Vs. Traditional Gum Surgery

If you’re considering a gum disease treatment with Dr. Friedberg, we encourage you to understand and compare the different options available. 

Traditional Gum disease treatment. Traditional gum disease treatment involves using a scalpel to cut deep into the gum line so your doctor can get into the gum pockets to scrape and clear away bacteria and diseased tissue. Traditional gum disease treatment hurts and requires taking a general anesthetic. Also, because there is considerable bleeding, stitches and packing are necessary. Patients sometimes need bone grafting to promote reattachment of the gum tissue to the tooth’s root surface as well. And in some cases, certain teeth can’t be saved and the doctor will extract them and suggest implants or dentures.

To be fair, traditional gum disease treatment does remove bacteria effectively. However, because the scalpel also cuts into adjacent healthy tissue, the gum line becomes shortened, sometimes significantly. A shorter gum line not only poses aesthetic concerns for many patients, but the teeth can become more sensitive and less tolerant of temperatures. 

LANAP® laser gum surgery. Laser gum disease treatment with Dr. Friedberg is very different. LANAP® is a minimally invasive, FDA-cleared procedure that uses beams of light instead of a scalpel to eradicate bacteria. There’s no excessive bleeding, which means no stiches and no bandages. Laser gum surgery requires only a local anesthetic and when it’s over, about two hours later, you can look forward to resuming normal activity. Dr. Friedberg’s patients would agree … laser gum surgery removes the fear and anxiety of visiting the periodontist for gum disease treatment. 

LANAP® Laser Gum Surgery Does More than Treat Gum Disease 

Laser gum surgery differs from traditional gum disease treatment in other exciting ways too. 

LANAP® gum disease treatment actually encourages bone regeneration and saves teeth. Research, histological studies and Dr. Friedberg’s own patients have shown that laser gum surgery actually helps gum tissue reattach to the teeth’s roots and promotes new bone growth around existing teeth. That’s because LANAP® lasers can distinguish diseased tissue from good tissue, no matter how deep and infected your gum pockets are. You won’t get that from a scalpel.

The choice is yours. Talk to Dr. Friedberg and find out if LANAP® laser gum surgery is the right gum disease treatment for you. 

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