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Multiple Missing Teeth

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Replace Multiple missing teeth with dental implants - Houston, TX

Dental implants are well designed to replace not just one but many missing teeth, and Dr. Friedberg can help. In the past, patients with multiple missing teeth used a dental bridge as their best replacement option. Although a dental bridge still works, there can be unpleasant side effects to consider.

Possible dental bridge complications

• Stresses natural teeth. Dental bridges are built from materials that function in ways that eventually wear existing teeth. Studies indicate that a dental bridge can even lead to more tooth loss. Bone loss. A dental bridge will not stimulate and preserve your existing jaw bone. A dental bridge diminishes bone density and then facial muscles begin to sag. Without ssupportive facial muscles, a dental bridge will slip and move around, making it difficult and embarrassing to eat and speak.

Why dental implants are appealing

Dental Implants are an appealing solution for patients with many missing teeth. First, the titanium used to build them is very friendly to the body, which makes it very easy for the implants to mimic natural teeth and roots. They are melded right into the jaw bone and they last. Unlike dental bridges, they constantly stimulate the bone to keep your facial muscles active and supportive so you’ll never have worries when eating and socializing.

Dental Implants: two ways to rebuild your smile

Implants where your old teeth used to be. If you haven’t lost too much bone, Dr. Friedberg will suggest placing all in the exact same places where your previous teeth used to be. Because they need adequate bone to work, if you do have too much bone loss, the doctor may suggest bone grafting before you get treatment. Implant-supported bridges is the type of bridge that is a little different than a traditional dental bridge. Instead of depending on pairs of existing teeth to anchor the bridge (the abutments), dental implants are the supports. This is how it’s done: 1. A temporary tooth replacement, called a flipper, is fitted to the new dental implants. 2. The temporary teeth remain in place for up to six months, maybe less, so the implants can fuse with the jaw bone. 3. Dr. Friedberg attaches a permanent dental bridge to your dental implants in Houston, TX for a sturdy, slip-free smile. Schedule your appointment with Dr. J. Robert Friedberg and see how dental implants can benefit your life today.

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