4 Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth

4 Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth

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Along with giving you a beautiful smile, your teeth play an important role in your health and appearance. Having a gap in your smile not only affects how others view you, but it can lead to further tooth losses as well. Dr. J. Robert Friedberg of Friedberg Periodontics can help restore your dental health. Here are some important reasons to replace missing teeth in Houston, TX.

1. Shifting Teeth and Features
If you have a gap, other teeth will try to fill it by moving toward the opening. You can develop crooked teeth, which is embarrassing. Without a tooth root in place, your jawbone can deteriorate too, causing changes in your facial features. Replace the tooth as soon as possible to prevent shifting of the teeth and facial structure.

2. TMJ Disorder and Digestive Problems
If teeth begin to shift, bite problems are likely to occur. When upper and lower jaws are misaligned, you can develop a painful disorder known as TMJ because it involves the temporomandibular joints. Missing teeth may also prompt you to chew differently, favoring one side or the other. You may not chew food as well as you did before, which can lead to choking more often, acid reflux and other issues.

3. Spreading Decay
Bacteria can move into a hole in your gums and cause plaque to grow and spread to other areas in your mouth. You may find it difficult to reach new angles with a toothbrush, putting you at greater risk of developing cavities.

4. Affecting Your Speech
Depending on the size of the gap and where it occurs, you may not be able to speak clearly, slurring some of your words. Your tongue and front teeth work together to form many letters and sounds; missing teeth in this area can cause you to lisp.

Dr. Friedberg and his staff work with you and your dentist to provide the treatment option that is right for you. To learn more about dental implants in Houston, TX, contact Friedberg Periodontics.

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