False Teeth: The Answer to Missing Teeth and Tooth Decay

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For patients across the country, the need for quality false teeth is growing more and more each day. There are a lot of circumstances that can contribute to teeth loss. These include everything from genetics to tooth decay. Sometimes malnutrition can result in significant teeth loss as well. Jaw related injuries are a relevant cause as well. Regardless of why you need full or partial dentures, it’s important that you do your best to get the problem straightened out as soon as possible.
The advantages to having false teeth range, and it usually is dependent on the person and reason for needing false teeth. Aesthetically, they can be used to hide obvious gaps in your smile. In addition to this, many who experience teeth loss experience a change in face shape as their cheeks and lips sink inward. With false teeth, you keep your original face shape, which leaves you younger looking for much longer. On the more practical side of things, false teeth can correct crooked bites and replace teeth that are essential for chewing. Having the gaps that lost teeth form filled in also does wonders for preventing bacterial infections and decay from food getting caught in the space.
Depending on the severity of your teeth loss, you may need any number of different types of dentures. Some patients use removable partial dentures. These can be created using a bridge that goes across the roof of the mouth, or it can be attached to back teeth with a snugly fitting clasp. In other cases, some patients have permanent partial dentures, which are screwed into the jawbone beneath the gum line. Full dentures consist of a set of false teeth that replace all the teeth in the mouth.
These are only a few of the different types of false teeth available. Talk to your dentist today and learn for yourself which option is best for you. Don’t compromise your dental health any longer —take control and gain your confidence back with a bigger and better smile!

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