Avoid Injuries to Your Mouth This Summer

Avoid Injuries to Your Mouth This Summer

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Thanks to advances in dental technology, we now have the technological advances and knowledge to remedy just about any emergency you might incur. That does not mean, however, that you should neglect taking the proper precautions to protect your mouth. With summer upon us, our periodontist in Houston, TX, offers a number of timely tips that will assist in preventing an injury.

Ice Is Not For Chewing
It can be tempting to put a piece of ice in your mouth on a hot summer’s day. Before you chew, stop and think about the potential damage you could cause to your teeth. Chewing a piece of ice can actually fracture a tooth, loosen a filling or damage a sealant. You are better off letting the ice melt in your cup.

Wear a Mouth Guard
Mouth guards have been proven to prevent injuries in athletes, whether they are playing a competitive contact sport or a leisurely game of softball. The Academy of General Dentistry reports that roughly 200,000 injuries are avoided every year thanks to mouth guard utilization. You have several options for the specific kind of guard you use, such as:
Wearing a mouth guard that can be purchased at a sporting goods store

Using a mouth-formed protectors, which you can purchase and form to fit your mouth
Asking a professional about a custom-made guard that will offer optimum protection
Whichever option you choose, you will be assisting in guarding your mouth against cuts, damaged teeth, and even missing teeth.

Get a New Toothbrush
Did you know that you should invest in a new toothbrush every three months? This ensures that the bristles effectively clean your teeth and ward off gum disease and plaque build-up, both of which can lead to pain and expensive dental work.

Contact Us Today
If you ever experience an emergency, you can turn to Dr. J. Robert Friedberg for help. We want to make sure your mouth is in good shape this summer and all year round. To make an appointment today, please call us at (281) 674-7754.

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