Give Yourself The Gift Of A New Smile This Holiday

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The holiday season is a time for smiles. This year, beam with pride with a new mouth full of beautiful, shiny teeth. Dr. Friedberg specializes in full arch replacement, using the patented All On 4® technique in Houston, TX. This revolutionary procedure minimizes discomfort and recovery time, giving you a lasting smile ready for immediate function.
The Advantages of All On 4®
Besides a beautiful new smile, the benefits of full arch replacement also include:
· Lasting results
· No bone grafting
· Minimal recovery
· Easy home care and hygiene
· No extra appliances or removable hardware
You can enjoy a full set of teeth without the restrictions of other dental implants. Enjoy the foods you love and smile with confidence after a single-day procedure with minimal recovery time. Dr. Friedberg and his staff will guide you through every step of the process, providing attentive care and ensuring your comfort.
Two-Step Treatment
After consultation, Dr. Friedberg and his team will begin by placing four dental implants to anchor your new arch replacement. Local anesthetic or oral sedation is used to ensure no pain is felt during the procedure. Once the implants are set, the dentist will position a set of temporary teeth while your bone integrates with the anchors.
In three to four months, you’ll return to receive your permanent set of teeth. Once anchored in place, you’ll be left with a new, permanent set of teeth that feel, look and function like natural teeth.
Better Than Dentures
Unlike dentures, full arch replacement is a better option for those with low bone density. The All On 4® dental implants make full use of the available bone, providing a permanent treatment that dentures do not.
A perfect smile is just a phone call away. If you think arch replacement is right for you, give us a call at (281) 674-7754 to receive more information and to schedule an appointment with Periodontist, Dr. Friedberg today.

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