The Benefits of Cone Beam CT Imaging Technology

The Benefits of Cone Beam CT Imaging Technology

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You probably have heard about digital x-rays, but have you ever heard of a cone beam CT imaging scanner? This piece of high-tech equipment produces images unlike anything you have ever seen. In fact, it has allowed your periodontist in Houston, TX, to more accurately diagnose and treat any oral health issues you may have.

What Makes the Cone Beam Different?
Traditional x-rays are flat and two-dimensional. Although they give periodontists a sense of what is happening in the mouth, they do not give a sense of depth. Cone beam images add a 3-D element to the mix, bringing more accuracy and understanding when your periodontist is evaluating photos of your teeth, jaw and gums. This increased level of precision ensures periodontists can use them in a wide range of treatments, especially during the exact placement of dental implants.

What Benefits Can You Expect from a Cone Beam CT?
If you undergo a cone beam CT, you can be sure you will get these advantages and more:
Your periodontist will be able to fully see what is happening in and around your teeth.
You will be exposed to very little radiation in the few minutes it takes to complete a full-mouth CT scan. Many patients are astonished at how rapidly the cone beam utilizes special software to produce images. You can expect better outcomes from surgical procedures, like dental implant placement, or placement of implant-supported denture prosthetics and appliances.

Is a Cone Beam CT More Expensive?

A cone beam image is in line with the cost of regular digital x-rays, making it an affordable procedure. Plus, if you have dental insurance, your carrier may cover the cost of a cone beam CT, depending on your diagnosis, plan and situation.
Please contact our periodontal office in Houston, TX, today to set up an appointment and talk about guided dental implant placement using cone beam CT technology.

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