What You Need to Know About Strokes

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There are more than 20,000 cases of stroke, also known as a cerebrovascular accident or CVA, in the US every year and this medical emergency can leave a lasting mark. That is why knowing the signs of this incident is so important. Another fact to know about CVA are preventable issues that can lead to a stroke, such as gum disease in Houston, TX. Here is what you need to know.
Spotting a Stroke
The acronym to remember for spotting CVA is “FAST.” Here’s the breakdown.
· Facial weakness
· Arm weakness
· Speech difficulty
· Time loss is brain loss
When you notice you or someone else having difficulty with their speech and unable to control their face or arms, it’s time to call for emergency help.
Connection to Gum Disease
Now that you are better at spotting a stroke, here is some information about how gum disease affects your risk of this emergency medical event. Both cerebrovascular incidents and gum disease are associated with vascular inflammation, the first in your brain and the second in your gums. The American Academy of Periodontology found that a review of CVA patients showed they were more likely to have an oral infection at the time than not.
Other Risks to Know
If you are concerned about your stroke risk, here are some other factors that can make this event more likely.
· Smoking
· Heart disease
· Lack of exercise
· Excessive alcohol
In each of these, some adjustments to your lifestyle can reduce your risk, such as quitting smoking or taking a morning run. Any changes you make to your routine should be discussed with your doctor.
Experiencing a stroke in Houston, TX can change your life and the lasting effects can make certain activities more difficult. To avoid this cerebrovascular incident, know your risks and what you can do to prevent them. In the case of gum disease, maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine and make regular visits to your dentist. Call Dr. Friedberg’s office at (281) 674-7754 today to schedule your bi-yearly cleaning.

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